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What the?

huh.jpgOutside a Tampa courtroom, a new Lady Justice statue has been erected. One which cost the local taxpayers a little under half-a-million dollars. And now that the new Lady Justice is out and about…well, reviews are mixed. While the County Administrator calls it magnificent:

Passers-by had other words Thursday. The lady looked like a mermaid, they said. Or a gaudy Gasparilla float. A fairy with dreadlocks. A comic book character. Something out of SpongeBob SquarePants.

“At first glance she looks a little bit like an exotic Mesopotamian dance, said Duane Damon, who works for the Clerk of the Circuit Court. “But when you get closer, it’s really not as sensual as that.”

The artist says that she wanted something a little less traditional - so instead of Lady Justice holdings scales, “[t]he figure herself is the scales of justice.” And while Lady J has a blindfold, there are slits for her eyes, “[s]o she’s blind but she can see.” And she’s green because bronzed copper just eventually turns green anyway (like the Statue of Liberty). And the gold locks? I’m guessing it’s just cause blondes have more fun.

“I think she’s saying, ‘What the (heck) am I doing here? I’ve got no sword and I’ve got no scales,’ ” attorney Theordore Rechel said.

The attorney then handed the statue a card and said he’d be willing to represent Lady J if she decided to sue the artist to seek the return of her sword and scales.