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Well, you gotta’ give the guy credit for trying

newsie.jpgDale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman are (allegedly) not very good guys. They been accused of going on a random shooting spree over a period of 14 months - Dieteman faces two murder charges (plus a ton of other shooting-related charges) and Hausner faces seven murder charges. The prosecutors say they’re going after the death penalty, which sounds about right.

So Hausner was arrested for this last August, and he’s been in the clink since. And as one might expect, the local newspaper (the East Valley Tribune) wrote quite a few stories about all this. So get this - Hausner picked up the prison phone and placed a collect call to the Tribune as “Dale the Innocent.” He used this call to tell the paper that he thinks he should get a discount subscription, a “sweetheart deal,” since his story generated so many great headlines for the paper. The paper told Dale to get bent.

Why not ask the local news station for a job as “story creator” while you’re at it, Dale the Innocent?