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Well that’s some bad luck

burglar.jpgLast month, these two dudes broke into a house at 4:30 in the morning, guns ablaze. The house belonged to Lloyd Irvin, who was home with his wife and young son. A friend, Brandon Vera, was also there. The burglars apparently round up the gang and held them at gunpoint, demanding cash and jewelry (note to self: if I’m ever the burglar in that situation, be damn sure to say “I’m Mike D and I get respect, your cash and your jewelry is what I expect”).

One of the gunmen forced Llloyd Irvin into a bedroom where he was hoping to get the family jewelry. The thing of it is, turns out that the “friend” Brandon Vera is a UFC fighter, and Irvin is his grappling trainer. So when Irvin was taken into the bedroom by the gunmen, he decided that he could make a move without risking his family’s safety, and managed to quickly disarm the gunmen:

The intruder ran off, screaming to his partner that the guy had got the gun, and his partner then also ran off.

(Second note to self: if I’m ever the burglar in that situation, do some research first and be sure the house doesn’t belong to a fucking UFC trainer.)

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Man, I hope they share a cell with that guy who tried to rob the Green Bay linebacker a few months back and ended up getting his skull trashed with a bedpost.

Thanks for the earworm, Seth.

"Now here's a little story, I've got to tell
About three bad brothers, you know so well..."