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Well, I guess if you’re gonna’ do one, why not do fifty-six?

taxes.jpgAs you know, it’s tax time. We here at QuizLaw highly recommend that you get your return out by April 17. We also highly recommend that you are truthful in your return. As such, we here at QuizLaw do not recommend that you file a false return. And we especially don’t recommend that you file fifty-six false returns. That’s what Michael Edward Adams of Denver did, filing those returns over the course of a year and a half and pulling in over $75,000 in refunds. He filed these various returns electronically under a whole bunch of different names and social security numbers.

“But Seth,” you might say, “I’d like $75,000 in returns.” No doubt you would. But I don’t think you’d like to be in Adams’ position now - he’s been indicted by a state grand jury and now faces a whole slew of charges, including theft, computer crime, forgery, burglary and filing false tax returns.