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…well, at least it wasn’t a principal this time

cellphone2.jpgEarlier this week, I told you about two different middle-school principals, one busted for buying crack and the other for dealing crystal meth. Well there’s been another middle school arrest this week, this time in Kentucky. But as this entry’s headline says, at least it wasn’t a principal.

This time, the Educator of the Year was simply a middle-school teacher who’s been arrested for trying to buy pot. But I will give Ann Greenfield, the 34-year-old teacher, this - she got busted in a much more entertaining way than the stings that brought down the two principals. She was, instead, a victim of her own pure stupidity.

A Kentucky state trooper was having dinner with his wife and parents when his phone started getting text messages. Those messages expressed an interest in purchasing some weed. The trooper, Trevor Pervine, thought it was some guys busting his balls, but when some calls shut down that possibility, Pervine responded to one of the messages and set up a meeting. Greenfield (the teacher) showed up for the meet and found some cops waiting to bust her ass. And it sounds like they gave her an extra fuck-you by setting the meet up near her school - so in addition to charges of possession (of both weed and drug paraphernalia), she’s also been charged with “conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances within 1,000 feet of a school.”

Said the Kentucky State Police spokesman: “She learned her lesson. Program your dealers into your phone.” I’m guessing that wasn’t in the lesson plan.

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None of those charges will stick. Trafficking in narcotics means selling, not buying them. As for the two possession counts, she never possessed anything. At best, they can make out an attempted possession charge.

Hey stupid she had dope on her. You might to learn the KY laws before you comment on this story. Its called conspiracy to traffic for a reason.