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Well, at least he gets points for creativity

bagHead.jpgOji Ngozi is currently facing armed robbery charges. The prosecutors allege that in October 2003, Ngozi and another man broke into the home of Rebecca Lee and robbed her. A few days after the robbery, Lee looked at a photo lineup and identified Ngozi as one of the two men.

Earlier this week there was a hearing in the case to decide whether that photographic evidence should be suppressed. Ngozi’s lawyer was worried that Lee, who was going to be present at the hearing, would see Ngozi and that it could taint the case or unfairly prejudice his client. So when Ngozi showed up to court, he wore a bag over his head, with two small eye-holes cut out!

The judge allowed him to stay in the courtroom with the bag over his head, even though there’s a sign banning hats or other head covering. However, Judge Blackett says: “I did note for the record that he has a bag on his head.”