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We don’t need no bar license, let the mother fucker burn

burning-house.jpgSamuel Pontier is a helluva guy. He and his wife separated, and she moved into her own house. One day, however, he decided that the house was just too damn messy and that the only course of action was to burn it down, naturally, nevermind the fact that his 17-year-old daughter was inside the house.

This led to him pleading guilty to aggravated assault and arson a few years ago, landing him a healthy 10 years in the clink. And now the Pennsylvania state bar has stepped in and disbarred Pontier — did I mention that he is was a fucking lawyer? — because, you know, these things are kinda frowned upon. But to be fair, this wasn’t on the MPRE or the Bar Exam, so how was he supposed to know?

(Hat tip to the Blawg Review editor.)

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