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This Week’s Best “SNL” Skit Left on the Cutting Room Floor

Why? Because it’s too f**king funny for general consumption. Also, because nobody knows who Rahm Emanuel is. But he will cut you. And he’ll probably cut Samberg for this skit.

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That was absolutely hysterical. I have to admit, all during the unfolding Lieberman-chairmanship-nondrama, I kept imagining Rahm Emmanuel barely controlling his rage. "DEAD TO ME! DEAD!!!"

Was this skit cut? How would that work from a live show? I thought it was web-only, and created to be so (maybe so the censors would have more than a 7 second delay to work with)? I may very well be wrong, but that's what I understood.

Reminded me of Mark Wahlberg

That is so accurate, it's scary. It captures him perfectly, the smooth demeanour that hides this guy who is so angry at anyone who disagrees with him. Beautiful.