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This story is just comedy

santos.gifSeriously, this story is great. I mean, just look at the headline from Yahoo! News: “Dog with college degree called to court.”

So there’s this dude in Ohio who’s facing a criminal drug charge. His attorney is diligently trying to get the charge dismissed and has decided that the best attack is to argue that the police chief, John McGuire, is a scumbum. Specifically, the lawyer is arguing that the police chief lied on his department application and that he therefore had no legal authority as an officer of the law.

A special prosecutor’s trial is now set to start this month against Chief McGuire, because of his alleged falsification of and tampering with records. “A special prosecutor said McGuire lied on his application and resume about his rank, position, duties, responsibilities and salary in three of his previous jobs.”

In addition, McGuire is a graduate of Concordia College and University, which is where the dog comes in. The police dog, Rocko, is also a graduate of this Virgin Islands school, with a diploma listing him as John I. Rocko.

The best line of the article has got to be:

The court filing did not say how the attorney knows that diploma is for the dog or how Rocko allegedly managed to enroll in the college.

He probably pulled it off the same way that the dog in “The Simpsons,” Santa’s Little Helper, got a credit card as Santos L. Halper. Bart did it!