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This case has disaster written all over it

plannedP.jpgIn March of 2004, then 43-year-old Jennifer Raper found out she was pregnant. For money reasons, she decided to have an abortion, so she went over to Planned Parenthood, and in April ‘04, a Planned Parenthood doctor performed the abortion.

Fast forward to September ‘04, and Raper was in an ER complaining about pelvic pains. That day she learned that - whoops - she was still pregnant. Apparently, the abortion had not been “done properly, causing the plaintiff to remain pregnant,” as the complaint she filed last week alleges.

Not done properly - you think?

So she sued Planned Parenthood and that doctor, plus a second doctor (seems she went to see a doctor in July ‘04, and although she was 20 months weeks pregnant at the time, that doctor didn’t detect it and/or tell her about it). Raper is seeking the costs of raising her now 2-year-old girl, who was born in December ‘04.

According to Fox News, a 1990 Massachusetts ruling held that doctors could be sued for child-rearing expenses, but only when the kids require extra expenses due to medical issues. However, her complaint doesn’t include any allegations of the girl having medical problems. Which is good for the daughter, no doubt, but just means this case is going to be extra messy.

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20 MONTHS pregnant?! I hope you mean weeks!

SV - uhrm, yeah, I sure as hell did mean weeks. Noted and corrected.

Seems I recall a case here in Texas several years ago where a husband sued his doctors because his sterilization operation did not work and his wife became pregnant. they sued for the cost of raising the child and the Courts ruled there was no cause of action for the "wrongful life" or the costs thereof.

First, "Raper" is a terible last name.

Second, can you imagine being the Raper kid? Jesus Christ. "Mommy tried to terminate you, but it didn't work, so now two doctors are paying for your college tuition."

I'm ALL about abortion rights, but they tell you when you get an abortion that it might not work (you have to sign off on it) and you are supposed to take a pregnancy test a few weeks later to determine whether the procedure worked or not. A pregnancy test is WAY cheaper than raising a child, so I think Raper (shudder) should have handled that on her own.

But the law is weird.