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Things to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving


I am thankful that “nature” didn’t make me fall in love with my sister.

An incestuous brother and sister are taking on the European Court of Human Right to win their right to continue their relationship. Patrick Stuebing, 31, and his sister Susan Karolewski, 23, have four children together - two of which have disabilities.
According to Mr Stuebing, the German couple didn’t know eachother as children and he therefore believes their relationship is valid and legal, reports the Austrian Times. He said: “The law came in under the Nazis as part of the Third Reich’s attempts to “purify” the Ayran race.
“We didn’t know each other as young children. It is not the same thing for us. We fell in love as adults and our love is real.” Mr Stuebing, an unemployed mechanic who lives on a welfare income, was adopted at the age of four before moving in with his biological family when he was 18. Miss Karolewski says “nature took over” when she met her brother and she simply fell in love.
She added: “There was nothing we could do about it. We both were attracted to each other and then nature took over from us. “It was that simple. What else could we do? We followed our instincts and our hearts.”

Those poor people. How can you keep a brother and sister who love each other — really, really bang-each-other-in-bathroom stalls love each other — away from one another? Oh, incest: You wicked cupid.

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But at least they're not gay! Because that is the biggest problem our world is facing today.

It's gross, but I really wouldn't care if it weren't for the pesty problem of genetics and the high potential for disability for any children. So it's not exactly a victimless crime here.

So, if he's 31, and she's 23, that means when they met he was 18, she was 10. 10 years old. How is that not knowing him as a young child?
This is so wrong on so many levels. Ick.