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The price is kablooey, bitch

plinko.jpgSo this guy walks into a San Francisco law firm with a white tube and flashing light adorning him. He tells the receptionist that he’s got a bomb. The bomb squad was called out, they determined it was a dud, and crazy was arrested. That’s pretty much the end of the story.

Here’s what makes it just bizarre:

[W]itnesses quoted the man as saying he was angry because he h ad not been selected to appear on the TV game show, “The Price is Right.”

First of all, what the hell does this have to do with San Francisco, considering that any such rejection by the show to let him be a contestant would’ve happened here in Los Angeles, where the show is filmed and where folks line up to try to get called on down? More importantly, how the fuck does not getting to play Plinko lead you to decide to threaten a law firm? I mean, I love that game as much as the next guy and all, but, you know, it’s not like he got rejected from “Press Your Luck.” Denied the chance to call for “no whammies,” now then I could understand fake bombing some motherfuckers.

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I loved it when the paper interviewed on of the firm partners. The reporter was wondering if there was any connection between the firm and the "Price is Right". "We don't do game show litigation", she said!

Didn't realize there was such a thing.