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The Most Expensive Stock Photo Ever


I can see where this scenario might be weird, but $20 million worth of weird?!

So, this Ohio woman, Shannon Stovall, signed up for Yahoo’s web mail last October (first of all — what’s wrong with you? Gmail is infinitely superior). Anyway, after she signed up, she got the requisite confirmation email, with the subject: “Hooray! Your first email.”

What she didn’t expect, however, was that the email would actually come from her — indeed, inside the email was an image of Stovall, which was apparently attached to millions of these confirmation emails.

So, Stovall — doing what any red-blooded American with the opportunity to make some quick cash would do — filed suit against Yahoo, asking for $20 million; $10 million for the profits it made off her image and $10 million for attorneys’ fees.

That grainy photo above in the only image I’ve been able to find of Stovall, but my God — she’s got to be one helluva good looking lady to warrant $10 million for what is, essentially, a stock photo. Besides, for someone who has modeled before, Stovall oughtn’t be suing for violating her publicity rights, she should be thanking Yahoo for giving her free publicity.

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But the publicity she will get for suing will far outweigh what little publicity she got from being in Yahoo! welcome emails. From that perspective, it makes complete sense to me why she is suing. Not that I would sue in that circumstance, I'm just saying I understand...