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The dangerous Bra Bandit strikes again!

bras.jpgOk, you already know if we’re talking “Bra Bandit,” we’re talking Florida. This time, Bonita Springs is the particular part of Florida bringing us the wackness, in the form of a woman who has apparently stolen 452 bras since February, at a collective value of $190,000, from two local Victoria Secret Stores:

Investigators said a female customer walked into the store Thursday and immediately went to a four-drawer cabinet with new bras of the PINK brand name. The store manager told deputies the woman waited until employees were busy helping customers and then thrust the bras into a bag and exited the store.

The most amazing part of this is that this one job netted the woman 160 bras. Look, I realize employees get busy and all that. But no employee noticed a woman walking out with a bag stuffed with 160 bras? I mean, we’re not talking a little shopping bag here, you know?

Oh, right. Floridal.

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$19,000, not $190,000, unless VS's prices have gone up to $420 per bra. ;)