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The Daily Memo - 3/5/07

check.jpgA Florida state legislator wants the term “illegal alien” removed from all official documents, because the term “alien” is offensive: “An alien to me is someone from outer space.” (The News-Press)

check.jpgThe dude who sued Google because his ads were rejected has watched his lawsuit fade away for being “specious” and “frivolous.” (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

check.jpgA Tennessee state senator has introduced a resolution to get the Department of Education to file a report on whether or not the universe was created by a “Supreme Being” because, to his ridiculous mind, “[t]here has never been any proof offered that Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct.” (KnoxNews)

check.jpgOur favorite crazy astronaut has been charged with attempted kidnapping, but not with attempted murder. (LawInfo)

check.jpgCalifornia doesn’t think that UC Irvine should get a new law school, at least in part because there are already too many damned lawyers in California. (ProfessorBainbridge.com)

check.jpgFormer Justices Blackmun and Burger are heading to Broadway. (Washington Post)

check.jpgThe case of a German man who claims he was tortured by the CIA has been thrown out by a federal court for national security reasons. (Yahoo! News)