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The Daily Memo - 3/15/07

check.jpgPacman Jones, cornerback for the Titans, got a court appearance postponed for two months so his lawyers can figure out what the NFL will do if he enters into a plea (he’s facing a felony charge of obstruction). (ESPN)

check.jpgA father and son got arrested on the same day - the son for drug possession and, get this, the father for trying to hire a hitman to kill his son! (Northwest Herald)

check.jpgUhm - what? “South Carolina lawyers have come up with the oh-so-brilliant proposal of allowing for an inmate’s sentence to be reduced for 180 days should the inmate donate an organ.” (Sui Generis

check.jpgMinnesota and other states are considering legislation to regulate college textbooks, in an attempt to deal with ever-escalating prices. (CNN)

check.jpgWashington legislators are considering a bill to ban “driving while texting,” which would mean no more using the Blackberry when you’re behind the wheel. (WSJ

check.jpgMicrosoft has decided to unhatch some lawsuits against various cybersquatters. (Download Squad)

check.jpgTexas’ legislature wants to protect chastity at all costs, so it’s looking to block the governor’s order that all sixth-grade girls get the HPV vaccine, cancer risks be damned! (Yahoo! News)

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Apparently the South Carolina lawyers love rereuns of L&O:SVU as much as I do, but learn less from them. Last week they aired an episode featuring a husband who donated a kidney to his wife while he was awaiting trial for poisoning her. The time off for good deeds ploy didn't work, though, since you can't legally get anything of value for donating your organs.

Oh silly reader. That's just TV you're talking about. This is the real world! Things work different here...don't they? That's what it said on the news last night, anyway.