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The Daily Memo - 3/12/07

check.jpg“Here I come to save the day….Attorney Man!” …Attorney Man? (Law.com)

check.jpgA federal court has overturned D.C.’s handgun ban, ruling that the Second Amendment doesn’t just apply to militias. (FindLaw)

check.jpgSome Tennessee Republicans would like actor/former-Senator Fred Thompson to throw his hat into the ring and run for the GOP presidential nomination. (Law.com)

check.jpgThe Bush administration is peddling backwards as the attention on the U.S. attorneys debacle grows brighter - they now say that Bush won’t try to block a bill mandating Senate approval of all appointees, and Gonzales aids will be allowed to testify without the need for subpoenas. (CNN)

check.jpgA North Carolina mother has filed a product liability lawsuit after the heel fell off of a shoe that lights up and she found a button battery in her 2-year-old daughter’s nose. (HamptonRoads.com)

check.jpgA Maine legislator has introduced a bill that would require students to submit at least one college application before being able to get a high school diploma. (BangorDailyNews.com)

check.jpgThe Bears may not have won the Super Bowl, but they can now be proud that they at least won a trademark opposition. (The TTABlog)

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I don't know about this. How can they be sure that the net result of this bill won't be a lower rate of successful high school graduation?