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The Daily Memo - 2/26/07

check.jpgA former chapter president for the ACLU has been busted for (allegedly) subscribing to kiddie porn sites. (ABC News)

check.jpgA Philly food critic’s been sued for libel over a three-sentence review. (Philly.com)

check.jpgThe editor and vice-president of The Enquirer has offered a public apology for publishing the names of the twelve jurors who convicted a man of murdering his foster child, because “[i]t was a mistake that could cause harm to those citizens.” (The Enquirer)

check.jpgA Florida middle-school principal has been arrested and charged with buying crack from an undercover cop in the principal’s office. TBO.com)

check.jpgA judge has ruled that former baller Latrell Sprewell can’t see his kids in person because of allegations that he beat on his girlfriend in front of the kids. (SI)

check.jpgA New York state appellate court ruled that NYC’s old prohibition-era law banning “social dancing” everywhere but in specially zoned venues is legal because “[r]ecriational dancing is not a form of expression protected by the federal or state constitution.” (FindLaw)