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Tennessee Republicans Just Don’t Get It!

timberlake2.jpgSo Tennessee state senator Ophelia Ford recently introduced a resolution to honor Justin Timberlake, a Tennessee native, for “his highly successful music career and for his meritorious service to the State of Tennessee.” But that resolution has now been removed from a list or resolutions which folks expect to get quick unanimous approval.


Because state Senator Raymond Finney says “it’s not something I want my name on.”

Seems that Senator Finney and other state Republicans don’t like references in the resolution to the name of Timberlake’s (“FutureSex/LoveSounds”) or the names of certain songs, such as “Rock Your Body.” Which is just ridiculous. I mean, he brought the sexy back for Christ’s sake.

But the Tennessee legislature clearly has its priorities all out of whack because the state Senate also deferred addressing pending legislation that would make it a felony to have sex with an animal.

So honoring Justin Timberlake? No. Bestiality? Sure.