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Stupid Is as This Woman Does

300px-URAnIdiot.pngSometimes, I get the idea that our faithful readers (all 12 of you) have a hard time believing the often incredible legal stories we run here on QuizLaw. The truth is, people are a lot more stupid that most of us give them credit for.

Today, we have videotaped evidence to that effect. Indeed, Brenda Hughes – a Georgia woman – was arrested recently for throwing acid on her neighbors in what police call a hate crime (her neighbors are black). She’s been charged with two counts of battery and disorderly conduct.

But Hughes’ account differs. In fact, she’s so adamant that she didn’t throw acid at her neighbors that she’s actually willing to taste the so-called substance and then, as if to emphasize the point, run it through her hair.

“What’s the worse that can happen,” she says. “I’ll get sick.”

Here’s hoping that she does. And, for your viewing enjoyment, the videotape evidence:

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Somehow, that southern accent makes her sound even dumber than she must be.

Wow. Just...wow.

I didn't do it.