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Sorry, this school doesn’t have a civics class!

schoolbus2.jpgSo back in 2002, Rebeka Rice was a high school freshman. One day at school, some of her classmates were giving her some shit about the fact that she was raised a Mormon, and were asking her all sorts of questions. When one classmate asked if she had ten moms, she responded with: “That’s so gay.”

Five years later, there’s currently a non-jury trial taking place over this statement. See, Rice was sent to the principal’s office for making that statement, and a note was placed in her file. Her parents eventually decided to sue the school, arguing that their daughter’s First Amendment rights were violated because she was punished for simply making a statement “which enjoys widespread currency in youth culture.”

Rice, now 18-years-old, backed this argument up when testifying last week, saying that she wasn’t referring to sexual orientation. But the school says it has taken a hard-line stance against the word “gay” ever since there was a gay-based hate crime back in 2001.

Final arguments are set to be submitted in April, and a verdict should follow shortly thereafter. One expects a one-sentence verdict of either “the school is so gay” or “that girl and her family are so gay.”