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Sometimes, YouTube Is Too Good to Be True

The fact that this woman exists makes me happy. So happy. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a young mother teach her toddler to say,”F**k Obama.”

There’s just too much crazy, and not enough world to go around.

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Crazy bitch alert!

OK. That was creepy.

She does rub her nose at the 23 & 44 second mark. Let's see what webmd has to say about that:

On the other hand, some people describe other feelings tagging along with the cocaine high:

* irritability
* paranoia
* restlessness
* anxiety

In the words of Rick James.....

Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

Christians who are obsessed with the apocalypse simultaneously crack me up and scare the fuck out of me. I'll be talking to people at work and they casually drop something like "well, it makes sense; we ARE living in the end times" and it fucking blows my mind. I want to laugh but then I get nervous, because maybe the apocalypse isn't happening fast enough for them, and they might want to speed it up. With knives. Or a dynamite vest.