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Snell & Wilmer LLP - Keeping up the Stereotype of Lawyers as Cheating Scum Since 1938

snell.jpgAttorneys in the Salt Lake City office of Snell & Wilmer LLP have been busted for trying to game the court. Seems that they were going to the courthouse to have the cover page of litigation documents time-stamped as being filed on the day these documents were due, and then actually slipping the documents into the court’s drop box sometime later. So last week, the District Court judge issued an order calling the lawyers out for their shenanigans:

This deceitful conduct will not be tolerated. The conduct is particularly egregious when counsel has been previously notified that the court is liberal in granting extensions of time when additional time is needed. Moreover, counsel in this case have been admonished before about the gamesmanship that has been taking place in this lawsuit.

Interestingly, however, the judge stopped short of actually hitting the lawyers with any sanctions or meaningful punishment, aside from the public humiliation. Instead, the court just put everyone on notice that documents which are toyed with in such a manner will be stricken and ignored. Seems a little light to me, and I’d says these lawyers got off damn easy.