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Sleep tight…

bedbugs.jpgI’m typically a fan of anybody suing any member of the Hilton family at any time for any reason. But I’m not sure I can get entirely behind this lawsuit.

Opera singer Alison Trainer is suing the Hilton Hotel Corporation over her stay in one of their Phoenix hotels last November. She was there for 6 nights and, during that time, allegedly suffered over 150 bedbug bites all over her body. The experience was, according to Trainer, “horrific,” causing her to lose all sorts of weight and, worse yet, she claims that she’s now afraid to sleep in a bed (which begs the question: where, exactly, has Ms. Trainer been sleeping for the past two months). In fact, her lawyer says that she “looks like a piece of wood that has been attacked by termites.”

Ok. I can almost get behind this lawsuit. But here’s the problem I have with it - she stayed in the hotel for six nights. Her lawyer tries to explain it thusly: “She noticed the itching and the blood on the sheets right away, but she didn’t know that this was being caused by bedbugs.”

Seriously, read that again. So the logic went something like this:

Well looky-looky at all that blood. That can’t be good. And I’m itching like a mother fucker too. Itching and blood, that definitely can’t be good. But my options are, as I see it, the following. Option one - go to the front desk and complain about the fact that this room is causing me to itch and spontaneously bleed. Option two - go to a doctor to see if there’s a medical cause for the itching and spontaneous bleeding. Option three - stay here for the rest of the week and not think twice about the itching and spontaneous bleeding. …Well, I think I’ll go with option three. That makes the most sense.

And now she wants six million dollars for this? Now, I’m maybe ok with her getting compensation for her medical costs (which so far have consisted of little more than antibiotics and cortisone, although there may be some laser treatment of the bite scars), but she wants another $5 million because she took stupid option three? I can’t really get behind that, even if it is against the Hilton Hotels.

But this is where eye-for-eye justice would kick ass - making Paris and Nicky spend a week in bug-ridden beds would totally teach the Hiltons a lesson.

Although I guess a case could be made that Paris already spends every night in a bug-ridden bed. …good night folks!


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Just to play devil's advocate, you should know that bed bug infestations are awfully cryptic.

Bed Bug bites are often mistaken for rashes and other problems. The bites don't present itching or redness until at least 24 hours have passed. (So it's difficult to know where and when you got them.)
It isn't uncommon for people to go weeks without realizing what's going on.
By then of course, one can have a rather large problem on their hands.

That and the loss of DDT is part of why Bed Bugs are becoming an epidemic again.

I only know this because sadly... I've had my own problems with these little bastards.

It's awful and yes... a bit traumatic, but sheesh lady, buy some calamine lotion and shut up.