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Single White DA Seeks Victim for Hot Nights in the Jacuzzi

katz.jpgI’d like to give a hearty congrats to Kenneth Kratz, a district attorney out in Wisconsin. You, sir, have the distinct honor of being so perplexingly scumbugarific that, at least for a moment, you’ve roused QuizLaw out its silent slumber so that I can share your tale with the one-to-three people who bother to check this site anymore. So last October, our dear Mr. Kratz was prosecuting a woman’s ex-boyfriend for domestic abuse, which is the kind of thing we like our DAs to do.

What we don’t like our DAs to do (it turns out, much to Kratz’s surprise), is hit on the domestic abuse victims. Especially by sending a series of 30 texts messages during the same time that the prosecution is actually taking place.

The article provides some example texts and, well, how could any lady resist such enticing come ons as:

Are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA … the riskier the better?
I would not expect you to be the other woman. I would want you to be so hot and treat me so well that you’d be THE woman! R U that good?

And when she showed an apparent lack of interest, because I guess there is a type of lady who can resist such enticing come ons, he stepped up his game:

I’m serious! I’m the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph, but I am the prize!

That, in and of itself, makes Kratz a gem. But where he moves up the ladder to true winner is by his response to being confronted with these texts. In an interview, he apparently didn’t deny sending them and, instead, got upset because publication of them would embarrass him. And since the Office of Lawyer Regulation found that he didn’t commit any attorney misconduct, well, he shouldn’t be embarrased. “I’m worried about it because of my reputational interests. I’m worried about it because of my 25 years as a prosecutor.”

Rightfully so. Because fine, it may be that you’ve been found not to have done anything criminally wrong. and it may be that you’ve also been found not to have done anything ethically wrong (although this seems way fuzzier to me given the power dynamic between a prosecutor and a domestic abuse victim). But you still sent the texts, so it would seem, and so you’re still the creepy married (I don’t care that you claim to have been separated at the time) prosecutor hitting on a woman who had been choked out by her boyfriend. So if you get a reputation for being a prosecutor who hits on the domestic abuse victims who come through his office, well, seems like it’s kind of on the nose, regardless of your 25 years as a prosecutor, no?

You are the prize indeed.

(Hat tip to reader Elizabeth)

(Source: WI State Journal)

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Yay! A post!

Let someone take over QuizLaw. There have been so many stories you guys could have posted! It kills me that this feed is silent. :(

Wow. What a sleaze. I feel like I need to wash now.

Welcome back!

Heh, this is what feed aggregators are for. I miss QuizLaw but now I get my kicks with Dahlia Lithwick.

Looks like you've got at least 5 readers who still check

Stories like this keep coming out about attorneys behaving so inappropriately. Maybe we need to beef up the ethics training?

Nope. If you need ethics training to figure out that this kind of bullshit is wrong, then you automatically fail as a human being.

How is what he did not criminally or ethically wrong by the code of his profession?