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Shocking Stories

homeAlone.jpgFirst, a new report says that most federal government agencies fail to comply with many of the requirements for making information available under the Freedom of Information Act. My question is, how much did the National Security Archive spend on compiling this report’s data? Because, I could have told them this for free.

Meanwhile, yet another person trying to contact their drug dealer accidentally called the cops instead. This time, the brilliant person was a 42-year-old Oklahoma woman who found the cop’s number on her son’s cell phone. “Her son had told her that if she ever needed help with anything to give me a call. I think she misunderstood.”

And finally, out in Hazelton, Pennsylvania a court battle is now under way to over the little town’s right to enact harsh anti-illegal immigration laws. Because when Mexicans cross the Texas border, they’re all saying, “only 2,000 more miles until we finally get Hazelton, where we’ll live the sweet sweet life!”