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‘Scuse me, while I kiss this guy

hendrixVodka.jpgVodka and rock and roll are old friends, going way back. Only this time, not so much. Jimi Hendrix’s family has filed a lawsuit against Craig Dieffenbach over his use of Jimi’s name and likeness to market and sell Hendrix Electric Vodka. The Hendrix family is perturbed not just because of the unauthorized use of Jimi’s identity, but because they see it as a “sick joke,” since Jimi’s death was tied, at least in part, to booze.

“We are greatly concerned that there may be a perception that Experience Hendrix [the Hendrix family’s company] has, in some way, authorized the sale of vodka…As a matter of strict policy, we have never promoted an alcoholic beverage.”

Dieffenbach hasn’t offered a statement trying to defend what is certainly seems like some pretty scummy marketing. Instead, he argues, via a press release, that Experience Hendrix doesn’t actually have legal standing to sue because it only owns the rights to Jimi’s music, not his name and image. “[T]he only sick joke in all of this is Janie’s [Jimi’s adopted sister and head of Experience Hendrix] belief that she can remake Jimi into something he wasn’t and that she can continue to mislead the public.” Right, because using Jimi’s likeness and name on your vodka, which his estate has no connection to and has affirmatively disavowed, isn’t misleading at all?

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"Scuse me while I correct this guy. "His estate" as you call it
has only one half cousin working
there. Leon is the patriarch of the Hendrix family.Besides:How about Jimi Hendrix Diaper covers? Air freshener? "Authentic signature" boxershorts?Golf balls? Chairs where you sit on an image of his face? Hendrix Red Wine? Hell, why not exhume his corpse and move it to some gaudy purple haze memorial where we can sell plots next to him? All of the above has already been done by non other than Janie so called Hendrix and the so called estate. And the kicker?? She's his adopted stepsister and is of no blood relation whatsoever!! Jimi's real family was included in his father's numerous wills for nearly 30yrs but after Janie took over her stepdad's affairs in '96, that all changed! I'm happy to see Jimi's real brother who Jimi helped raise and other family members benefiting from his legacy.Janie's marketing some sugary energy drink. What's next? Hendrix Holy Water?? I'm going to support Jimi's REAL family and try the Vodka.

Couldn't agree with RR more.

Janie "Jinka" Hendrix, who runs the so called "Hendrix Estate".... She's a 45yr old white girl who met Jimi just once before he died, Janie Jinka, who later changed her name to Janie Wright, then to Janie "Hendrix" after she figured she could con the estate our of Jimi's 89 yr old father.......... Janie "Jinka" was 9 yrs old when she met Jimi. Jimi was 27 when he met Janie"Jinka" Hendrix for about 5 minutes when he passed through Seattle in 1970 on tour (with his brother Leon Hendrix).

Leon Hendrix, Jimi's Brother, ownes a big majority of Hendrix Electric vodka along with 6 other Hendrix "real" family members. Janie "Jinka" Hendrix ripped off the estate from Jimi's dad Al Hendrix (who adopted Janie) after he was an infirm. No one who works at the "Estate" has any Hendrix blood in their veins. They are a bunch of con artists. Hendrix Vodka Rocks and Jimi would totally approve!!!

Get it right "Seth" .... research before you write a nasty recap on an article based on one report. Do you believe everything you read in the papers? If you do then you believe Janie "JInka" Hendrix ;))