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Scooter Libby one step closer to his own personal prison drama

oz.jpgYou’ve no doubt heard by now what has been today’s big legal news, that Cheney’s former chief of staff has been convicted in the CIA leak case. There were five charges against him, and the only one he got a “not guilty” on was the charge of making false statements. The four charges he was convicted of were two separate counts of perjury, one count of obstruction of justice and one count of lying to FBI agents. While it’ll be a while before Libby gets his sentence, he’s facing up to 25 years in the clink, plus up to $1 million in fines. Of course, his attorney says that he’ll ask for a new trial and, if that request is rejected, appeals will be filed.

While Cheney issued a statement that he was “very disappointed” with his boy getting all those guilties, the lead prosecutor in the case, Patrick Fitzgerald, offered a much more meaningful quote, putting things into the larger perspective: “The results are actually sad. It’s sad that we had a situation where a high-level official - a person who worked in the office of the vice president - obstructed justice and lied under oath.” Fitzgerald also said that there are no plans to charge anyone else with anything in connection with this case, which apparently makes the jury in this case think the Bush Administration is getting off very light, considering one of the jury members said that the jurors “believed that the Bush administration sacrificed Libby to take heat off other officials.”

Meanwhile, the WSJ Law Blog addresses the question of whether Libby will get disbarred (he’s currently a member of the D.C. Bar). You can check out their full answer to this question, provided by a GWU law professor, but the short answer is almost definitely, but not until all the appeals are wrapped up (but he’ll be suspended in the meantime).

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I would say he will definitely get suspended and probably disbarred.

The key issue will be how many hoops they will make him jump through to get re-admitted.