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Ra-ra, sis-boom-fail

bring-it-on.jpgIn Houston, several cheerleaders have been indicted for hazing, and the 17- and 18-year-olds of the squad now face up to six months in the clink.

It was only a tradition — a friendly pre-dawn breakfast hosted by the varsity cheerleaders at Katy’s Morton Ranch High School for the girls of the junior varsity squad. But this year, a grand jury indictment handed up on Wednesday alleges, something went horribly wrong.
Rather than being driven to an area restaurant, the junior cheerleaders were taken to a private home where, bound and blindfolded, they were pushed into a swimming pool, the indictment charges.

Wait, that’s it? They threw some bound-up girls in the pool. Ok, yes, the girls could have died, I guess. But come on. If the girls can’t survive that, how are they going to handle Cheer Camp, and the grueling national competitions? I saw Bring It On. I know what happens when it’s broughten. You gotta be tough. It ain’t all human pyramids and jazz hands, damn it!

(Hat tip to reader Stephanie.)

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Oh the stories I could tell about hazing back when I was a cheerleader in high school. Getting thrown in a pool is nothing!

Spirit fingers, sir. Spirit fingers. Jazz hands are an entirely different animal.

Hey, this is the state where they have to restrict the moves cheerleaders can do, due to the broken backs, necks, and assorted limbs. You cheer; you take your life into your hands. Oh, and in a total hijack: YAYYYYYY to my sister who passed the Cali bar exam, although she couldn't manage to write down her number to log on to the website and had to call. Just goes to show you, street smarts will get you nowhere on the bar exam, but book smarts sure will!