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QuizLaw Lives Again!

homeland.jpgSo you may have noticed that the site is a mess at the moment. Well, that would be courtesy of your very own Department of Homeland Security. But don’t worry, QuizLaw is alive and well, and will be continuing to blog as we work to rebuild.

Anyway, we don’t know too much information, but here’s the apparent skinny. Seems that someone who was publishing a website via the same host that we use was publishing some illegal content (don’t know if we’re talking kiddie porn, mp3s, plans of the White House tunnels or what). So yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security came a-knocking at our host’s door. They wanted the harddrive and backups containing this illegal content. So they took the drives, and off they went.

Lucky us, QuizLaw lived on that same drive, so off all of QuizLaw’s data went with DHS. They have told our host that the non-criminal data (which we assume QuizLaw qualifies as) may get returned, in days or weeks. But in the meantime, they basically gave us the presidential salute.

So we’re working to rebuild the site through the information we have backed up, and information stored in various search engine caches. But the blog is now back in full swing, and the legal content will come pouring in over the next days and weeks. Please bare with us.

The one brightside to all this is that maybe someone at Homeland Security will read the QuizLaw content they’ve now snatched in their grubby little mits, and maybe someone over there will actually learn something about how the law is supposed to work!

Update: Lest you think QuizLaw is alone in suffering the travesties of our government, go see what Pajiba and Howard Empowered People have to say about it.