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Quick Hits, Part Deux

angelina.jpgIf you were hoping to register a domain name in honor of the new lil’ Jolie-Pitt, such as ShilohJoliePitt.com or ShilohNouvelJoliePitt.com, you’re out of luck. Those domains, along with some other Shiloh-related domains, have been snatched up by Angelina, courtesy of her Los Angeles lawyers. Ever mindful of their client’s best interests and the fact that Hollywood relationships are, uhm, typically less-than-perpetual, these registrations were made on Jolie’s behalf without any mention of Bradley, so “if Angelina and Brad ever break up, Angelina gets custody of the domains.”

moore.jpgAnd rather than leaving you with the wonderful image of Ms. Jolie for the weekend, we instead choose to haunt your mind with the image of slovenly Michael Moore. His critics love to attack his documentaries, arguing that he is very selective and one-sided in his storytelling. Well, now they have some ammo to backup their arguments. Moore (and NBC) is being sued by an amputee national guardsman who says Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 misrepresented him as being an opponent to the Iraq war. The vet claims that Moore took his responses to a question about a painkiller, which were part of an NBC interview which Moore licensed, and misrepresented them as an attack on the Bush administration and its treatment of soldiers. Moore was too busy eating hot dogs to provide a response to these accusations.