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Peyton Manning is a whiny bitch

peyton3.jpgLast week, a Decatur, Illinois man was getting all worked up over the impending Super Bowl. Scotte Wiese is a die-hard Bears fan, see, and he was convinced his boys were going to bring home the Lombardi Trophy. In fact, he was so behind his team that he said, should the Colts defeat da’ Bears, he would have his name legally changed to Peyton Manning.

I don’t need to tell you how things at the Super Bowl turned out.

So on Tuesday, Wiese took his official name-changing papers over to the Macon County Courts Facility and had them filed. Now he just has to wait for judicial approval and he’ll be Scotte Wiese no more.

Of course, this will all leave the soon-to-be-former-Weise in a bit of a pickle. I mean, when folks talk about what a whiny bitch Peyton is (and people will continue to say this because he is, after all, a total whiny bitch), Weise will be inclined to agree. But that means he’ll essentially be calling himself a whiny bitch. It’s like a modern day “why do you keep hitting yourself.” (But does this guy have a ‘laser, rocket arm.’ — Dustin)