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One down, three to go…

obama-and-biden.jpgOf course, Obama’s win is the big get for the night. No doubt about it (there were literally folks out on my street cheering just after 8 when the election was called).

That being said, there are three other races that I’m still feverishly watching. First, I’m hoping that I’ll get to say a big “fuck you” to the bigots who want gay marriage out of California. Right now, Proposition 4 is losing by a few points, but it’s still real tight. If this stupid shit passes, it means our fucking state constitution is getting amended to include discrimination and, as Rachel Maddow put it last night, the fine citizens of California will have voted to affirmatively take away a right that has been granted to folks. I know there will be another one of these props in 2 or 4 years if Prop 8 loses, but I’ll take it. One fight at a time.

Meanwhile, it would also be nice to see Al Franken win the Minnesota Senate seat. Yes, he’s a no good comedian. But the mother fucker is smart and insightful, and I think he’d do good things for the party and for the people of the Twin Cities and the rest of the Gopher State. If he happens to lose, at least this’ll give him time to write another (hopefully) excellent book. But time will tell (at the time of this writing, he’s in a deadheat with 80% of the precints reported).

And finally, another tight race here in Cali is for Proposition 4. The so-called Sarah’s Law would make way for another amendment to the California Consitution, this one setting up parental notification requirements for underage girls looking for abortions. Sounds ok on paper, but most of what I’ve seen and read says that these cause much more harm than good in practice. So it would be nice if that didn’t get permanently carved into our state consitution. As with Prop 8, it’s losing at the moment, but there are still a lot of votes to count.

But again, good on ya’ America for putting Obama into office. And to you, Barack, congrats. Now get Governors Richards and Rendell into your cabinet and let’s start fixing this shit up.

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As of 11pm, 4 is narrowly losing (let's hope it stays that way), and 8 is winning by a good 5%. 35% of presincts are reporting. I can only hope that I wake up to better news.

I wanted a Democrat for President!!!
NYC was CRAZY last night!

I didn't vote for President Obama because he is black/white. I voted for President Obama because I'm a liberal. I believe in the policies of the Democratic Party! I'm so HAPPY we WON!!!
The Supreme Court is SAVED!