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On “Vivid Video Day,” they plan to shroud the city in a giant condom

newsom.jpgSan Francisco’s Mayor, Gavin Newsom, has learned a valuable lesson - you really should do your job, or at least have someone in your office doing your job. Many of our readers probably think this is common sense. But remember, we’re talking about politicians here, and the only things politicians generally hate more than doing their job is exercising common sense. Turns out that Newsom wasn’t paying attention to the meaningless laudatory proclamations that get issued by his office, so he was a bit surprised to learn that February 23 was declared “Colt Studio Day.” Especially since Colt Studio is a 40-year-old local porn studio specializing in, according to their website, “the hottest man-on-man action.”

As the San Francisco Chronicle explains:

Newsom’s office issues nearly 2,000 proclamations a year, most covering such innocuous topics as Australian Heritage Day and Graffiti Watch Day. They are typically issued by the Neighborhood Services Office without the mayor or his top aides reviewing their content, which was the case with the document honoring the gay porn studio, Newsom’s spokesman said Friday.
But in the wake of attacks by conservative media figures such as talk show host Bill O’Reilly — who said the proclamation reinforced San Francisco’s reputation as the nation’s “Sodom and Gomorrah” — Newsom has decided to change the policy and have any potentially controversial proclamation cleared by either his chief of staff or director of government affairs.

A state assemblyman tried to turn the issue back against Bill O’Reilly:

“The owners of the studio are taxpaying, law-abiding San Francisco employers who promote safe sex,” Leno said. “With a war out of control and the planet’s temperature rising, I would have hoped Bill O’Reilly had more pressing issues to discuss. Clearly, with his viewership currently plummeting, he thinks denigrating gay male entertainment will be his lifeline.”

Obviously the assemblyman is not familiar with O’Reilly’s work, or he would know for a fact that Papa Bear loves denigrating everything gay, not just gay male entertainment.

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I worked for the Mayor's office about two years ago, and no, he doesn't check the proclamations personally, and nor do top level staff. I did the proclamations-- I was 16 and in high school at the time. I'm pretty sure a high school student cleared that one.

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