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Of inadequacy and psychic orgasms

pacif.jpgQuoc Pham is suing his ex-girlfriend for $1 million, and this story is just comedy. Pham had been dating this gal, Neli Petkova, for an unspecified amount of time. And then, in September 2003, he got her pregnant after she convinced Pham that she wanted to have his kid (so he stopped using protection).

Two months later, at a Thanksgiving dinner, Pham claims that Petkova stood up and announced that she was dumping him because she didn’t trust Pham to be a father and because she needed someone who could afford to buy her a Manhattan apartment. But Pham claims that she really dumped him to pursue a relationship with another guy.

That other guy would be Guy Compton, a dude she met on a 10-day bike trip in Arizona. When she came back from the trip, she allegedly told Pham that “she had met someone else that could make her cervix orgasmic just by thinking and that [Pham] was sexually inadequate.”

Ultimately, Pham says their whole relationship was just a big ruse, and that she fooled him into thinking she was interested in having a long-term relationship with him and having a baby with in. All she really wanted, Pham claims, was his seed. And now, he alleges that she’s told everyone that Pham “abandoned her with the baby, while the truth is that she wanted to get rid of the plaintiff so that she could pursue Mr. Guy Compton.”

So of course he’s now suing her in New York for $1 million, both for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He’s also planning to file a lawsuit in California as well, where she now lives, going after her for child abduction (she has refused to let him have anything to do with their child).