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Obama or Treat

pumpkin.jpgIn the suburbs of Michigan, Shirley Nagel decided to mix politics and Halloween. A sign outside of Nagel’s house warned all the little trick-or-treaters that there would be “[n]o handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters of kids of supporters.” And sure enough, if the kids didn’t swear their allegiance to all things McCain and Palin, they wandered away from the house empty-handed.

(Hat tip to reader Kathleen F., who says she’d consider looking the other way if her kids, in that situation, decided to egg Nagel’s house. No kidding — Nagel’s lucky that she didn’t wake up the next morning to find her place just wrecked, because a kid dissed on Halloween is an angry motherfucking kid.)

(Extra hat tip to reader Sharon B. for sending a link to a video piece about this story, which shows what a bitchy neighbor Nagel is.)

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What a miserable asshole. You've almost got to hope that she's suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's, because it boggles the mind to think she's been such a beam of sunshine her whole life.

My parents had people deliberately skip their house because of the McCain/Palin sign on their lawn. Yay for good old family-style holidays where we put our differences behind us.

I haven't found any evidence that this actually happened. But I heard about a kid that went as a voting booth for his costume. And the candy was fed through different slots for different candidates. At the end of the night, Obama had collected more candy overall (by far) but the McCain supporters were the ones giving out the King Size bars. Maybe Trickle Down Economics work after all?

Yeah but skipping a house whose political beliefs differ from yours seems different than refusing to hand out candy to to those people. It's still stupid (candy is candy) but it doesn't hurt anyone. Not handing out candy to little kids who don't even have political views, based on their parents, is plain ol' mean.

When I was a kid, you didn't care who answered the door, as long as there was chocolate, why skip houses? And this lady sounds like she wants to keep all the candy for herself a true Republican. (I kid, I kid)

I thought REAL CHRISTIANS DIDN'T believe in Halloween.

Our eight year old daughter and her friends refused to trick or treat at houses with McCain/Palin signs. There IS hope for the future.

Not giving candy to kids on Halloween?! That's a new low. These McCain supporters have no appreciation for traditional values.

Strong Democrat here and we hand out nothing but full sized bars...we also give food to the needy on a regular basis.

Naturally this was the only incident reported. Chances are good that this happened more than once and on both sides of the fence. Get real. I like this lady for standing up for her convictions. Of course that wouldn't be anything like this left leaning website would it?

Yeah, that's almost as bad as the douche with a Palin-dressed mannequin being hung on his front lawn.