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Mississippi Students Not Allowed to Talk about Obama

pink-floyd-division-bell.jpgNow this is just weird:

More complaints from parents who say school officials will not allow students to talk about President-Elect Barack Obama. Melissa Hayes says teachers at Puckett Attendance Center told her daughters they could not talk about Obama in class or in the hallways.
Her daughters, 15 and 18, told Hayes the principal says students can only mention Obama in history class Hayes says she called the school district to find out why, but did not receive any answers.
WLBT was unable to reach a school official this afternoon.

Any explanation whatsoever? Anybody? Or is it just another brick in the wall?

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I kinda get why they would do this BEFORE the election. I can even give them the benefit of a doubt and assume that they were simply trying to avoid a divisive subject.

But the dude is President now. No if, ands, or buts about it. So why insist on not letting anyone acknowledge it? If the parents are okay with it (seeing as how they are protesting the ban), then who is it hurting? If some asshat tries to hurt a kid for simply expressing his support for the goddamn President, well they need to be dealt with appropriately.

I believe this rule has to do with preventing hurt feelings and fights between students who may get competitive re: Obama v. McCain. It's totally ridiculous.

I'm not from here, but I do currently live in MS, and they apparently have all sorts of weird rules like that in schools these days. I also heard on the radio this morning that students are not allowed to wear specific university affiliated clothing after sporting events. Such as after Ole Miss/MS state play each other in the Egg Bowl, a student fan of the winning team is not allowed to wear clothing emblazoned w/ that team.

Well, only 11% of whites voted for Obama. So race is still on the front burner. And you know that there will always be some white students to use the "n" word. I'll bet this is the only democracy in the world where such a ban is in place.

The first amendment was only designed to protect private speech in a closet, and Black students should be prevented from expressing their opinions in public.

This is the actual interpretation of the US Constitution in the case of Mississippi. Perhaps it is time to examine what can be done to force states (it isn't just the South) who engage in institutional racism and anti-constitutional official conduct. Why should US taxpayers have federal money go to a state that violates the rights of its citizens and won't stop after hundreds of years?