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Microsoft says that Google says “copyright, schmopyright”

google.jpgMicrosoft has unleashed an attack against the great Google machine, the company whom many see as Redmond’s biggest competitor these days. Microsoft, through its associate general counsel, Thomas Rubin, contends that Google is playing fast and loose with copyright laws, as reported by the NY Times:

“Companies that create no content of their own, and make money solely on the backs of other people’s content, are raking in billions through advertising revenue and I.P.O.s….Google takes the position that everything may be freely copied unless the copyright owner notifies Google and tells it to stop,” Mr. Rubin said. Microsoft, he said, asks the copyright’s owner for permissions first.

Rubin goes on to suggest that, in connection with its YouTube acquisition, Google is playing a game of wink-and-nod: “In essence, Google is saying to you and to other copyright owners: ‘Trust us - you’re protected. We’ll keep the digital copies secure, we’ll only show snippets, we won’t harm you, we’ll promote you.’”