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Maybe Social Medicine Is Not Such a Great Idea

RSNN2004Xtooth_737203a.jpgNot unless you make it profitable for dentists, at least. Check out England’s newest problem:

Tooth decay is now the third most common reason children are admitted to hospital, official figures showed yesterday.
Nearly 37,000 kids a year are kept in with cavities — topped only by those with chest infections and premature tots.
Decay was not in the top FIVE reasons five years ago. Admissions are up 13 per cent since then.
Tories blamed a lack of NHS dentists, saying many went private when new Government contracts were launched in 2006. Shadow health minister Mike Penning said: “Labour’s decade in charge has resulted in a significant deterioration in dental health.”
Dr Nick Goodwin of The King’s Fund health think-tank added: “Dentists are leaving the NHS in droves as they make more money privately.”

It’s a good thing that the whole British people have bad teeth is just a nasty stereotype.

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Similar problem in Canada, but for adults. Kids, by and large, get dental care covered under provincial health plans up to a certain age.

Even though most full-time employees have some kind of dental coverage, it doesn't pay for everything. The co-pay on some procedures - depending on the plan - can be brutal.

It's worse if you are self-employed or work a minimum wage McJob; the premiums are often so expensive it's better for some people to just save the money for their annual dentist visit.

I haven't had any dental coverage right here in the good ol' US of A since I was kid covered by my parents and I still shell out the money to get my teeth cleaned. For adults, it is more about whether your teeth are a priority. As for kids, get them to a goddamn dentist!

daaaammmn, that kid's grill is busted.

I am Canadian and haven't had dental for years (I will have it in a month or so though, yay!) But I still take care of my teeth and pay for cleanings.

Parents just need to make their kids brush and not eat too much sugar, it is not rocket science.

Plenty of countries have socialized dentistry that works; this probably has more to do with parents not taking their kids in regularly than with the idea of government-funded dental care.

I'm still down for the government social system - some highly sought after dentists did their damned best to frighten me into full general anaesthesia for my 4 year old's three cavities - they leaned on me SO HARD about it I thought my kid was likely to die of bad parenting if I didn't do it. Such a scam! Almost 2 grand they wanted, outsourced to a private clinic because apparently my child couldn't be allowed into a dentist's chair unless completely unconscious or he'd...I dunno, jump in the air and impale himself and x-ray the room with his mind or something. Funny enough, in Canada, if it sounds like way too much is being asked for, you're usually right.

I called up my gov, got Dr. Dido and he offered me a $25 mild tranq for the process. Much more affordable, and totally lacking in the possibility of accidental death and/or overdose during the process.

I'm SO happy I'm Canadian and can get pissed off about private fees. If you're as poor as I am (and everyone's getting there fast) you'd be interested in a decent system too.

(also, I'm pretty sure that kid's been munching oreos...he'd be passed out from pain by that point, trust)