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Maybe she was visualizing that the photographers were Charlie Sheen

richards.jpgSo a lawsuit has been filed against Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson by two freelance photographers (a.k.a., paparazzi). Last November, the two “actresses” were at a Canadian resort working on the movie Blonde and Blonder (and with that duo of acting powerhouses, this movie is going to outstanding!). This incident was widely publicized last fall - the two paparazzi started snapping photos of the pair and, according to the lawsuit, Richards went nuts, calling them names and going after them, and ultimately hucking their laptops over a balcony.

The paparazzi allege that “Richards and Anderson [later] ‘made repeated false and defamatory statements to law enforcement and various media outlets which were deliberately calculated to embarrass, humiliate and ridicule plaintiffs.’”

Among other things, the photographers claim that this whole ordeal caused them emotional distress. So wait. Paparazzi have emotions?