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Mac n’ Cheese Dinner Turns Ugly

513VJRfsFGL.jpgCompliments to a public defender reader, Jennifer, for this tip, about a man who really doesn’t like butterworms for dinner:

An unemployed man faces a domestic assault charge after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend last Saturday for making him macaroni for dinner. Investigator Dale Matuszczak said the woman called for help after locking herself in a bathroom.
Matuszczak said she apparently had been hit with a cooking pot, suffering a cut on her nose and bruise on her face.
According to the police report, the man was intoxicated and assaulted the woman when he discovered she made macaroni for his dinner. Food was tossed around the house as he hit the woman with the pot.

My guess: It wasn’t the macaroni he was upset about, per se. It was the brand. You gotta go with Annies. That Kraft shit is just toxic. I remember when I was too poor to eat anything but Kraft — oh, those days when there was no milk, and you had to substitute water. And margarine for butter.

Annie’s, folks: It’s for elitists!

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eww, with water? when I don't have milk, which is pretty frequent, I just use more butter. Which is margarine. I keep butter for real cooking with real food.

Making mac n' cheese from scratch is surprisingly easy.

But there is a little kid in me who will always have nostalgic fondness for the toxic neon orange Kraft stuff.

Annie's is my favortie. It comes recommended by Bernie, the Rabbit of Approval.

Kraft Mac n Cheese was the one thing I really craved while pregnant...I really hope it didn't do too much damage...

I love Annie's! LOL!