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Little green men need not apply

want-to-believe.jpgOrange County, California is already a weird place. But Linn Murphy and Steve Zingali try to make it a little weirder by flying their custom-made UFOs over the night sky. They love flying them because of “the ‘gotcha’ element of fooling people.”

And actually, homemade flying saucers isn’t really that out of the ordinary for the OC. But I love this story because on one occasion, an Irvine cop tried to cite Zingali for one of his flights. Says Zingali:

“I said, ‘Sir, unless you’re with the FAA, my lights are not causing a disturbance. And unless you can show me a code we’re breaking, I think we’re going to continue to fly.”

As Lt. Rich Paddock, the Aliso Viejo police chief, helpfully explains: “[T]hey’re not doing anything illegal. There’s no ordinance that says it’s illegal to fly a super-double-secret, gyroscoptic UFO in county airspace.”

If that ain’t the quote of the week, I don’t know what is.