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Just Because I’m an Ignorant Black Man Doesn’t Give You the Right To Be a Worthless Tool

alec-baldwin.jpgApparently, Alec Baldwin recently told Playboy that he’s thinking about moving to Connecticut because he would like to run for Senate against Joe Lieberman. He’s thinking about it, he says, because he’s got “no use” for Lieberman. Amen, brother. Lieberman is about as big a tool as the Senate has to offer.

Lieberman, for his part, is up for the challenge. But he might want to think twice about that. I mean, can you imagine Lieberman debating a tour de force like this? It would be epic … and Lieberman would lose in a fucking landslide.

Baldwin ‘12!

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I would totally apply for American citizenship and move to Connecticut just to vote for Jack Donaghey.