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It’s Fun to Stay at the … P-O-K-E-Y

villagepeeps.jpgThere are a few police officers out there these days that are giving the rest of the police community a bad name. Take, for instance, the off-duty Chicago police officer who beat the freakin’ tar out of a female bartender a few months back, the video of which surfaced last week. There was little provocation for the beating, other than the fact that the bartender refused to serve the drunk cop another drink.

Then, just this weekend, allegations of a similar incident surfaced. This time, six off-duty Chicago police officers beat the hell out of four businessmen at a bar playing pool. There is apparently video of this instance as well, but it hasn’t yet been made public.

And then, just when you couldn’t imagine it getting worse for the reputation of police officers around the nation, the goddamn policeman from The Village People was arrested over the weekend. Victor Willis, who was arrested on charges of cocaine possession last year, was picked up again, this time under charges that he choked and threatened his girlfriend with a knife.

Man – it’s been a bad week for the po-po. Somebody best keep an eye on Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, the actors from “CHiPs,” because the good reputation of the entirety of America’s police force now rests with them.

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So- are you sayingThe Village People were gay ICONS- not actual homosexuals? Why wasn't that the headline: "Your Entire World is About to Change: The Cop From the Village People is Straight, and Other Cop Stories" ???