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It’s all about balance, people

seesaw.jpgStupid people abound! But of course, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. However, instead of just telling the tale of another idiot, let’s balance things out with a good story as well.

But first, idiocy. Joseph Eric Renno, come on down! This pride of Central Pennsylvania is currently facing charges of open lewdness because, get this: he went into a local Wal-Mart, took magazines and clothes (including panties and a bra) into a dressing room, masturbated, and then carried on his way. The cops were called and Renno was easy to catch because, of course, he’s a frequent visitor of the store. Lucky for him, he’ll have lots of time to, uhm, practice while he’s in the clink.

And now we’ll stay in Pennsylvania and go visit La Tina Osborne, a 32-year-old pediatric nurse. She’s currently being sued by her landlord, 77-year-old Genevieve Zumuda. During the trial, Zumuda had some problems and, as Osborne explained it, “she just started shaking and her eyes rolled back in her head.” So being a nurse, Osborne went over to Zumuda and gave her CPR, helping to keep her going until the paramedics showed up and used the defibrillator to get her heartbeat back It would not have surprised me at all if this story ended with Osborne saying, “eh, screw the bitch – she was suing me, I ain’t saving her life.” Nice to see that folks can still sometimes do the right thing.