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If we don’t stop them now, they’ll be teaching our kids about quadruple bypass!

surgical-tools.jpgMany of the better stories we post here on the QuizLaw (i.e., the *facepalm* and Florida stories) come from Fark. But it’s a double-edged sword, getting our story links from them. Because, yes, they find many great stories we’d never find on our own. Trouble is, the headlines they use with the articles are oftentimes much funnier or cleverer than we could ever come up. So we start off behind the eight ball, writing an entry already knowing we’ve missed the best joke.

Anyway, my point is this — today, Fark linked to a story talking about some new research which has determined “that heart transplant patients have better odds of survival and a lower risk of rejection if they get organs from donors of the same sex.” And Fark’s headline?

Study shows same-sex heart transplants to be better. Hordes of people immediately begin attempts to disprove this finding in order to “preserve the sanctity of surgery.”

Fark, we tip our hats to you!