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I must’ve missed the definition of “self defense” when I was in law school

dexter.jpgSo a paralegal beheaded a dude and his lawyer, who he works for, gave a press conference to explain how it was self-defense. He says that a gang member allegedly forced his way into Brian Waldron’s home:

After a confrontation, Waldron allegedly hit the man with a metal pipe, placed him in the bathtub, cut off his head and limbs and bagged them in plastic, acts his attorney referred to as “not something normal.” He then buried the body parts in the Sierra.

Uhm, ok, hitting the dude with a pipe — sure, maybe that’s self-defense. But then acting like motherfucking Dexter? What the Christ?

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Now I know you won't be surprised but, I like it.

Actually, if the gang member was a member of the undead then all this makes perfect sense.

But then it does raise the question of whether it is even a crime to re-kill the undead. Seems to me there would be pretty strong public policy in favor of non-criminal undead elimination...