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“I gotta’ know right now, before we go any further…do you love me, will you love me forever?!”

bat.jpgMeat Loaf has slept on it and, apparently, the answer to his former collaborator is “no, I shan’t love you forever.”

Back in 1977, Meat Loaf nee Michael Aday worked with Jim Steinman to produce the extremely popular “Bat Out of Hell” album (containing the 148 minute long “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”). After years of relative failure on his own, Meat Loaf returned to the Bat’s gilded horse and, again with Steinman, released 1993’s “Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell.” Another 13 years have passed and Meat Loaf has yet to find any success away from the Bat so, of course, this October will see the release of “Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster is Loose.” However, the third Bat installment, unlike its predecessors, lacks any of Steinman’s creative juices thanks to a falling out between the pair.

That falling out has heated up of late, as Meat Loaf filed a lawsuit against Steinman last week over the trademark rights to “bat out of hell.” The Loaf is ticked off that Steinman has applied for a federal trademark registration of the term despite rarely, if ever using it. And Meat is particularly peeved because he has extensively used it over the last three decades (see above comments re: gilded horse; see, also, milking the teat bone dry).

I can admit, my head held no-small-part in shame, that I saw Meat Loaf in concert about a decade ago and the truth of the matter is, he should’ve retired at least two and a half decades ago. However, I’ll be rooting for him in this lawsuit anyway, if for no other reason than the hope against hope that the judge rules in his favor and orders Steinman’s punishment to be smothering by Meat’s man boobs.


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I think Meat Loaf still has it thank you.