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I dunno whose side you take here.

oreilly.jpgPrince Frederic von Anhalt, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, is suing Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly. You may recall that, amidst all the Anna Nicole Smith “who’s the baby daddy” drama, Prince Freddy came forward to say that he, too, could be the man of the hour. “For you see,” he said, “Ms. Smith and I knew each other carnally for nigh unto a decade!” (WordsNotActuallySaidByPrinceFreddy.)

After he came forward, Papa Bear had some words to say about the claim on the February 22 episode of “The O’Reilly Factor:”

“Look, this guy’s a fraud,” O’Reilly said, according to a transcript of the show posted on the network’s Web site. “We know he’s a fraud. But let’s - what I want to talk about is - he’s done. His credibility - is finished.”

And so, of course, Prince Freddy now wants $10 million for O’Reilly’s alleged defamation. The prince claims that since this show, he gets dirty looks and embarrassing e-mails from people who have not-nice things to say about him, etc.

As I say in the post title, I just don’t know who to root for here. On the one hand, you’ve got Prince Freddy, who is clearly a (allegedly!) money grubbing old coot. But on the other side, it’s Papa Bear. I can’t actually be on O’Reilly’s side on something, can I?

I think I’ll settle this with a coin toss. Heads - Papa Bear. Tails - Prince Freddy.

…huh. It got embedded in the ceiling panel. That’s it, I’m going to a bar.