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I don’t know who to root for in this one?

brit-perez.jpgBritney Spears vs. Perez Hilton. The only winner here are other celebrity gossip blogs, right? Although, I guess I am rooting for Spears just because Hilton is loathsome.

Anyway, Brit-Brit is suing Perez for copyright infringement. Actually, it’s her label, Jive Records, suing Perez and his website. We already know that Perez doesn’t care about those stupid copyright laws, and this is just the latest example. He posted various recordings from Britney’s upcoming new album, without permission, and now the label says he needs to be punished. Hilton’s lawyer, meanwhile, seems as savy as Hilton himself:

This is what Perez’s lawyer told press, “It seems to me that when you single out PerezHilton and put out a press release, that maybe what you’re looking for is publicity. He will be vigorously defended in any action that is filed against him.”

Are they looking for publicity? Maybe. But does that mean they don’t have an actionable claim? Probably not. If this wonderful lawyer is the one giving Perez his legal advice, no wonder he ignores copyright laws.

(Hat tip: The Trademark Blog.)

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Burn him alive!

total publicity. she got her songs posted on a highly viewed site prior to when they would be played on the radio. boo fucking hoo.